Battlefield 3 keygen By

Battlefield 3 keygen By

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Новый шутер знаменитой серии Battlefield создан с использованием ультрасовременной программной технологии Frostbite 2. Он оставляет далеко позади всех конкурентов по качеству графики, звукового оформления и анимации персонажей, кроме того, в проекте реализована глобальная система разрушения игровых объектов.

Масштабный проработанный до мельчайших деталей игровой мир, возможность полного уничтожения всего, что окружает виртуальных солдат, разнообразие военной техники — в Battlefield 3 усовершенствованы все ключевые особенности серии. Игроки ощутят мощный прилив адреналина, совсем как в настоящем бою. Взрывы, свист пуль и грохот снарядов, рушащиеся здания — никогда еще поля сражений не выглядели такими реальными.

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A helicopter just buzzed over my head, thirty feet above the ground. It was moving quickly, skirting around a hill, firing its main gun at an enemy I couldn’t see. I stopped running and just stared at it.

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I do this a lot. Battlefield 3’s multiplayer makes me want to place a deckchair in the desert and watch the chaos happening all around. On its best maps – like the 64-player Caspian Border – every pixel on screen flickers with battle. I’ll climb to a rooftop and just freeze. In the distance, smoke stacks rise from a burning forest. In the air above me, jets twirl, chased by artillery. On the ground below, a tank has smashed through the lower floors of the building. I’ll spot a glimmer from a hillside 300 metres away, and it’ll be a sniper readying to kill me.

If someone had told me 15 years ago that this is what online gaming would be, I wouldn’t have believed them. Battlefield games have always been grand, ridiculous, futuristic designs. Wouldn’t it be cool if deathmatch had vehicles? Wouldn’t it be cool if it wasn’t deathmatch at all, but teams, and squads, and objectives, and dozens of players? Wouldn’t it be cool if there were tanks and jeeps and helicopters and jets? Wouldn’t it be cool if the maps were enormous and buildings could collapse?

Yes, it would. Yes, it is. No other modern combat shooter provides the feeling that playing Battlefield does. I love to watch that helicopter fly overhead and wonder where the person inside is going. To know that every thing I see is being controlled by another real person, each playing director and star in their own miniature war movie.

Battlefield 3’s singleplayer is not a movie. It’s a waterslide with pictures scrawled on the insides. It’s a ten-hour long exercise in contractual obligation: here are the multiple protagonists; here are the vehicle sections; here is the terrorist intrigue and appropriate level of moral grittiness. It’s an undercooked potboiler. It’s the world’s most expensive audition tape for the job of developing a Call of Duty rival.

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