Crack A Cell Phone

Crack A Cell Phone

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If you are referring to «cell phone code» as the password set on the device, then it is impossible to crack. The only way to get read of it is to reset the phone to factory settings using a recovery mode on Android or restore on iTunes. NOTE: If it is signed in with an Apple ID on the iPhone you wish to restore, the iPhone will become locked to that user and they will have to unlock it with their User ID/ Password to make it functional again.

How to Fix Cracked Cell Phone Screens

For iDevices, you can force the device into recovery mode** ( and connect it to iTunes and perform a wipe/factory reset. Once reset, you can log in without any passcode lock.

For Android devices there are two main ways to bypass. If your device has internet and is hooked up to Google, you can Tap «Forgot Password» and sign in through Google to verify and unlock your phone.

Place the new LCD screen inside the compartment in the phone. Re-attach any screws, if necessary. Connect the LCD cable extending from the replacement LCD screen to the circuit board your removed earlier.

Place the circuit board back inside the cell phone and re-connect the main circuit board ribbon cable. Replace any screws removed earlier in the disassembly process. Replace the back panel of the cell phone and its retaining screws.

Place the back panel of the cell phone on the back of cell phone casing. Align any notches on the back panel with the notches on the actual cell phone casing. Press on the back panel until it snaps into place. Replace the screws securing the back panel to the cell phone casing.

Most cell phones withstand minor bumps well, but a cracked cell phone screen can render an otherwise good phone unusable. The last thing any cell phone owner wants to see after accidentally dropping their phone on the sidewalk or leaving it on top of the car (or whatever it may be) are the telltale spiderweb cracks across the screen. Unfortunately, cracked cell phone screens are all-too-common occurrences.

DIY cell phone screen replacement

You can either have your cell phone screen replaced by a professional cell phone repair service or, if you have a bit of technical savvy, you can do it yourself.

Where to purchase cell phone parts and additional guides

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This 28-step guide walks you through the process of replacing a Samsung Galaxy S4 screen. Like the Motorola Razr guide, there are photos for each step but no video.

Professional cell phone screen replacement services are offered by both manufacturers and third-party companies. You can find third-party cell phone repair services online and in local stores and shopping malls.

How to sell your damaged cell phone

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For a variety of reasons people with cracked Blackberry or Smartphone screens continue to use them if still functional seen February 24, 2014, in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/Paul J. Richards (Photo credit should read PAUL J.

4 Ways To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen

If you are enrolled in a device protection program with your phone company, you may make an insurance claim to have it fixed by a contracted technician. Verizon, for example, contracts from Asurion, which can get your phone fixed within one business day.

Otherwise, a quick Internet search should give you a list of phone screen repair stores around your area. The Huffington Post called a repair store in Manhattan for an estimate and learned that the work would take exactly 25 minutes and cost over $100.

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You’ve cracked your cell phone screen. Whether it slipped out of your hand while you were on a call or you left it on top of your car when you drove away, the glass is smashed.

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